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What do Veterans organizations and civilian businesses have in common? They both benefit when Veterans succeed.

With a growing number of Vets entering the civilian workplace every day, there is a clear need for businesses to learn how to connect with them. From hosting Veteran-specific job fairs to offering their consulting services, Veterans organizations today are creating ways to make these connections more seamless and mutually beneficial.

If you’re an employer in the market to hire Veteran workers, here are three reasons you should consider partnering with a Veterans organization.

To capitalize on Veteran skill sets.
As we’ve reported in a previous blog post, Vets are entering into the civilian workforce by the tens of thousands every year. Often, these Veterans bring a host of unique and highly desirable skill sets that employers can’t find in other recruiting pools. By partnering with a Veterans organization, businesses can learn how to create a more Vet-friendly environment, get access to service-members looking for work, and ultimately improve Veteran employee retention.

To gain access to niche Veteran groups. To piggyback off of No. 1, Veterans organizations are a great resource when looking for more specialized employees. Many Vets also have even more technical training that fulfills niche requirements for your field. Depending on your industry, you may be looking for someone with very specific experience to round out your team. These organizations are experts at parsing through Veteran resumes and can help you home in on the more specialized Veteran niches.

To walk the “Support Our Troops” talk. By teaming up with a Veterans organization, your business is saying that you appreciate the sacrifice of our service-members and you want to do your part in welcoming them home. Given that so many Veterans will be searching for a meaningful career post-separation, step one to achieving that goal is knowing that a civilian employer has their back. The more welcomed they feel in the workplace — no matter the industry — the more likely they are to not only stay, but thrive.

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