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SAVI is here to help you and your organization be more effective in supporting Veterans.


How SAVI can help you

Support Veterans better than ever while driving new business referrals and strengthening reputations.

Whether you are a Veteran claims representative looking to improve your resume, a manager seeking training opportunities for your team, or an organization overhauling your training policies and procedures, SAVI is here to help.

SAVI’s Veteran Benefits Representative (VBR) Certification program helps train and increase the efficiency of your organization’s providers and all Veteran-facing staffers. Our process recognizes Veterans service providers nationwide with a SAVI badge for their exceptional customer service and their proven ability to deliver results.

Are you seeking to better recruit, retain, and engage Veteran workers? Want to commit to hiring more Veterans in support of your own company mission? We offer customized programming and consulting designed to deliver valuable insights into military culture. Veteran founders and C-suite executives at nonprofit organizations are also eligible for SAVI’s comprehensive business consulting support to help them grow their capacities and thrive.



Which best describes you or your organization?


As they navigate the Veteran Affairs system, Veterans are assigned to case managers meant to help them navigate their various benefits, including by connecting them with you– a third-party provider. Your organization can apply to receive SAVI’s Certification. This certification identifies you as a top-tier service in the industry, as you organization is evaluated on — their attention to detail, delivery of successful outcomes for Veterans, quality of customer service, and ability to support progress toward the Veteran’s overall and unique goals.

SAVI-certified organizations and providers will be promoted within our extensive network of Veterans and beyond, winning you new business and enhanced support from your target audiences, regulators, and the public. Providers include those at any touchpoint in the military-to-civilian transition: healthcare delivery (mental, behavioral, and clinical), claims processing, educational and professional advising, financial services, and more.



Veterans bring unique perspectives and skill sets to the workforce that are invaluable for any company: leadership, problem-solving, communication expertise, and more. SAVI is committed to helping organizations and employers from all sectors (nonprofit, public, and private) to better understand the common challenges service-members face as they transition to post-military jobs. After years of service, this adjustment can be challenging for many Veterans, often leading to crossed wires with their colleagues and untapped potential for greater business results.

When partnering with SAVI, companies offering jobs for Veterans receive a comprehensive assessment on how well they’re doing to create a transition-friendly environment, followed by SAVI’s full-service support in rolling out improvement strategies. Included in this consulting program are customized workshops to build or strengthen your strategies for recruiting, onboarding, retaining, and leveraging the skills of Veteran employees.



SAVI loves our own work supporting service-members during their transition into civilian life. But what we love just as much is the chance to partner with other Veteran-run and Veteran-founded nonprofit organizations to help them thrive. Leaders at these organizations know more than anyone else the challenges that come with the transition from service-member to civilian. The SAVI team wants to make sure that you never lose your drive to uplift fellow Veterans, especially in the toughest early stages of the process.

We’re here to help Veteran leaders power through the business and strategic aspects of building a solid base for their nonprofit organization. This includes planning to hire Veterans for post-military jobs, developing your board, and creating internal processes for mission auditing and fundraising. Each of these aspects is essential to running a successful nonprofit, and SAVI’s own founding team and extensive network of nonprofit leaders can provide you with any practical advice you may need.