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SAVI Benefits

Getting Veterans The Benefits They Deserve

SAVI Benefits

SAVI is here to help Veterans with their transition from military to civilian life, which means we are dedicated to helping those who assist Veterans. If you’re a Veteran Service-Provider, VA Benefits Representative or work with Veterans in other ways, we’d like to work with you. Our aim is to solidify your confidence, understanding, and knowledge of all VA processes so the Veterans you work with aren’t left in the dark.

Veteran Service-Providers

As Veteran Service-Providers, you see first-hand the challenges faced by Veterans as they move into civilian life. We want you to feel prepared when you talk with Veterans about the transition process and their benefits. That is why we are thrilled to offer Benefits 101 and SAVI Transition Process training and certifications.

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Post-Transition Education

As Veteran Service-Providers, you assist Veterans whether they have just transitioned out of the military or have been out for several years. SAVI is determined to assist as many Veterans as possible, and that’s why we want to work with you to put on a Post-Transition Education workshop event for your Veterans.

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Community Leader Certification

As an influencer within the Veteran space, we know you want to make an impact in the Veteran community. SAVI is here to help you support your Veterans by providing Community Leader Certification — a comprehensive training on Veterans benefits, without the VA accreditation process. Simple, educational training that meets your needs quickly and efficiently because we always want to you to be able to recommend accurate resources and point your fellow battle buddies in the right direction.

VA Accredited Representatives

Understanding the complexities of Veteran cases can often take time and require unique circumstances in your Veteran cases. To assist you with this, SAVI is excited to offer you high-level certifications. These cover the following areas:

  • Complex technical skills to evaluate case adjudication
  • Effective preliminary submissions
  • Knowledge of how to identify errors in regulatory applications
  • And more!

Your SAVI membership includes ongoing support, news, governing updates, and many other benefits.

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