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Hosted by: Strategic Alliance Veteran Integration (SAVI)

Workshop Topic: Build Your Professional Brand

Title: From Service to Signature Brand: Crafting Your Professional Identity

Date: June 25, 2024 at 1630 PDT

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Description: Transitioning from military service to civilian life presents an invaluable opportunity to redefine your professional identity, whether as a burgeoning entrepreneur or a dynamic employee in the workforce. SAVI, in partnership with leading experts, introduces a workshop designed to guide Veterans and transitioning service members on the path to building a compelling professional brand that resonates across all career aspirations.

“From Service to Signature Brand: Crafting Your Professional Identity” is a workshop transcending traditional career development tactics. It’s tailored to help you leverage your unique experiences and skills acquired during service, transforming them into a powerful narrative that benefits your entrepreneurial ventures or employment pursuits. This workshop offers a deep dive into:

  • Crafting Your Professional Identity: Learn how to distill your military experiences, skills, and personal values into a cohesive personal brand statement that stands out, regardless of your career path.
  • Optimizing Your Online Presence: Strategies for curating your digital footprint, ensuring your professional image online aligns with your career goals and brand identity.
  • Expanding Your Network with Purpose: Discover the art of networking effectively, creating meaningful and beneficial connections for your career or business.
  • Articulating Your Brand in Interviews and Pitches: Whether facing an interview question or pitching your business idea, learn to communicate your professional brand confidently, making impactful first impressions.

We recognize the diversity of paths that Veterans might choose to follow after their service. This workshop is designed to be inclusive, providing valuable insights and strategies whether you’re aiming to climb the corporate ladder or establish a startup.

Join us for an engaging session where you’ll learn about building and communicating your professional brand and practice and refine your approach through interactive exercises.

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Your service has equipped you with unique strengths and perspectives. Through “From Service to Signature Brand,” discover how to translate these into a distinct professional brand that opens doors to opportunities across the spectrum of entrepreneurship and employment.