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veteran supportThere are countless organizations across the country that are giving time, resources, and money to people and communities in need. From nonprofits like St. Jude to The Wounded Warrior Project, there’s a full spectrum of worthy causes to get behind. One thing these organizations have in common is their need for corporate support and sponsorship in order to be successful. Without the support of corporations, for example, SAVI wouldn’t be able to provide free assistance to transitioning Veterans. And if we couldn’t keep our assistance free, we just wouldn’t reach the same level of Veteran support — meaning hundreds more Vets would continue to be underserved and underutilized.

If your company is hoping to show its support to a special cause, here’s how you can become a corporate supporter and make a huge impact.

General Sponsorship

Make general monetary donations that allow an organization to utilize funds however they wish. This no-strings-attached gift lets organizational leaders put this money toward their greatest needs, without guidelines.

Specific Sponsorship

Maybe there’s new research needed that you care deeply about. Or maybe you’d like your donation to go directly toward a specific program within an organization. Nonprofits are always grateful for gifts that go to specific areas of their cause.

Event Engagement

Because most nonprofit organizations rely on outside support, they often host fundraising events to build awareness and garner donations. As a corporation, you can sponsor one of these events or donate company items, such as gift baskets for silent auctions.

In-Kind Donations

Instead of providing money for an organization to use on needed goods or services, your company could donate those goods or services directly. For example, if you’re in the food industry, you could donate food items to a local food bank. Likewise, if you’re in the construction business, you could provide contracting services to organizations who are building orphanages or homes for those living in poverty. 

Corporate Volunteering

Are you a company of employees who would rather offer a physical presence? Consider organizing a group of employees to volunteer at an event put on by your chosen organization
The options to give back to causes you admire are endless. And all organizations, even SAVI, are in need of various kinds of donations to continue making a positive impact on those they serve. To learn more about SAVI and how you can become a corporate supporter, contact us today.