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You Won’t Always
Wear The Uniform

Are you prepared to transition
from military service?

200,000+ Veterans transition from
service every year. Hear the post
military transition stories from fellow
service members in My SAVI Story.

Connect with their journey and learn
from their challenges .


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Who is SAVI?

The Strategic Alliance for Veteran 
Integration is an organization led by 
Veterans for Veterans.

SAVI understands the needs of Veterans 
and knows how critical separating from
the military can be. Founded by an Air Force 
Veteran who almost found herself homeless 
during her own transition, SAVI is
an organization that recognizes how easily a 
Veteran can end up being a statistic. Our 
proven system keeps Veterans in homes 
and making money.

We are dedicated to creating a seamless 
experience for all 200,000 
service-members transitioning out of
the military each year. We set them up for
sustainable, whole life success as civilians.

Adrianne and SAVI have been an integral part to my successful military transition process! The knowledge, resources, and mentorship that were given to me each month on a phone call were invaluable and kept me focused.

Matt Langseth

Meet the Veterans

Adrianne Phillips
Michael Foster
Jason Espinoza
Jamaal Lofton

What we do?

For service members

Provide FREE training and 12 months
of mentorship to service members
looking to transition to greater
education, employment,
entrepreneurship, and retirement.

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For service organizations

Deliver training, consultation, and
certification to strengthen their
effectiveness in serving Veterans.

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Who we serve?

  • Service-members up to 1 year before
  • Veterans up to 1 year after separation/retirement
  • The 46,000+ Veteran service organizations
    across the U.S.
  • Civilian employers seeking to better recruit,
    retain, and engage Veterans
  • VA claims representatives
  • Veteran non-profits

Become a transition sponsor

200,000 service men and women in the US military transition to civilian life every year. The Strategic Alliance for Veteran Integration was founded to help those Veterans by connecting them to the resources and benefits they need for an effective transition.

The average cost to put one Veteran through our system is $487. As a Transition Sponsor, your monthly gift in support of our mission will give Veterans the coaching and mentorship they need for an entire year to effectively transition into the civilian sector.

Imagine the impact that would have on someone like Mike, Jamaal, Jason or Adrianne. 100% of your generous gift will go towards our transition programs providing Veterans access to what they need to find their true talents and share them with the world.

“Adrianne is a GREAT mentor. Helping me think
through employment options, navigating the VA
process, and just a general listening ear as I
transition from active duty has been the exact
support that I needed.”
Thornton Ray