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Our Partners

We are humbled by the generosity of our partner organizations to date — including Qgiv, Whitespace, Traveler’s Q, and 23rd Veteran. Only with their support is it possible that the whole-life transition for Veterans starts here.

We’re proud to be working with SAVI Vets to support them and their affiliated organizations. They do valuable work for the Veterans in our communities, and we look forward to exploring how we can help them expand their reach with our online fundraising tools, educational material, and ongoing support.

WhiteSpace is a necessary cultural ingredient for making work welcoming to an incoming veteran professional. Although we at WhiteSpace are not expert in the veterans field, we’ve learned about the need for a veteran’s professional environment to be logical, peaceful and supportive. WhiteSpace will be a critical accelerator to success in these companies. Post-transition veterans are sensitive to distractions and lose confidence easily when they feel overwhelmed. A WhiteSpace culture is simpler, more logical and contains far fewer distractions. The thoughtful environment is a perfect container for empowering any transitioning veteran.


We’re very excited to bring the gift of travel to our Veteran community. There are so many ways to engage and support SAVI Vets, we’re glad to be a part of this amazing mission

Partnering with SAVI was a refreshing experience! We enjoyed their positive attitude, good communication, and their willingness to help other veteran organizations in the community.

SAVI would love the opportunity to partner with your organization to help Veterans across the country realize their true potential. Do you want to join us in our effort to help 10,000 Veterans better understand and utilize their VA benefits in 2019?



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