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Getting Veterans The Benefits They Deserve


Want to pursue a career in tech?

SAVI is here to help you identify and develop the skill sets you need for a successful post-separation leap into technical fields, whether as an employee or entrepreneur. By supporting you in identifying and focusing on your ultimate goal, we work with you to develop tactics and an actionable plan to get you there.

As a free military transition assistance program for Veterans, SAVI Tech focuses on more than just a job or a business. Working backward from your goal, we help you craft a comprehensive plan that puts your needs and desires first, while identifying the key skills and certifications you will need to accelerate your success.

Perhaps most important, SAVI provides access to educational workshops and events to help you track your progress, identify new opportunities, and ensure that you stay on the path towards your fulfilling post-separation life.

Tech Workshops + Events

SAVI Tech workshopss are molded by Veteran technical experts for Veterans just like you. Our Tech workshopss, whether you attend virtually or in a city near you, will provide you with the technical skills and knowledge you need to take the first steps into your technology career.

Through the Tech workshops + events, you will develop a fundamental understanding of various technical programs, processes, and concepts through interactive learning and practice situations. These workshops are meant to teach you new, crucial skills and allow for networking to meet influencers, recruiters, and hiring managers within emerging technology markets.

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Program Certification Assistance

Beyond our SAVI Tech workshops and networking events, SAVI Tech provides you information on company-offered certifications in various technical fields. From Vetforce to MSSA to Onward2Opportunity, SAVI will provide the details on the types of certificates available, and what it takes to apply and get enrolled.

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