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10 for 10: SAVI’s 10K Campaign

Serving Those Who Served Our Country #SAVI10K

Serving Those Who Served Our Country

Every year, more than 200,000 Veterans make the transition from military to civilian life. This can be a daunting experience. Many Veterans report feeling “lost” when they re-enter civilian life due to a lack of clarity around their VA benefits and how to take the next steps in their civilian life. SAVI was founded by Veterans, for Veterans to help servicemen and women transition from the military to civilian life with the benefits they deserve.

SAVI’s programs focus on educating and empowering our nation’s Veterans by providing them with the resources they need to chart the next chapter in their lives.

Dedicated to getting Veterans the benefits they deserve, SAVI offers a comprehensive approach to transition, including emotional, financial and educational guidance and support.

SAVI works directly with Veterans through innovative programming that helps them identify the next steps in their education, career, entrepreneurship or retirement. We then ensure they have the resources to pursue their goals and the benefits they are entitled to as heroes of this country.

Partnering with other Veteran Service Organizations, SAVI offers a powerful network of service providers with the knowledge and tools to effectively serve our Veteran community. Together, we provide a whole-life approach to transitioning that helps each and every Veteran craft a vision for their future with a clear path to success.

SAVI’s goal is to support 10,000 Veterans each year, helping them build a bright future. Over the next year, SAVI aims to engage with 10,000 Veterans as we expand our programs, curriculum and coaching services. As we continue to offer whole-life support to transitioning Veterans, SAVI will not only be able to reach our goal of engaging with 10,000 Veterans annually but will expand our ability to strategically partner with other Veteran Service Organizations, thus maximizing our impact on the Veteran community as a whole.

Become a supporter today. Join the SAVI 10K campaign and help transitioning service members realize their full potential and get the benefits they deserve. We hope you’ll help us invest in 10,000 Veterans this year by committing to a monthly donation of $10 today. For the cost of two cups of coffee, you can make a lasting impact on the Veteran community across the country.

“After returning from combat overseas, I experienced firsthand the lack of reintegration support available to Veterans and, as a result, founded SAVI” – SAVI president, Adrianne Phillips.

SAVI’s Programs and Impact

SAVI Transition Incubator SAVI’s keystone program, our innovative Transition Incubator is an immersive 12-month program. Veterans are matched with a transition coach who guides them through a year of educational coursework, discovery, assessment, and customization of what resources are available to them. Each Veteran has the opportunity to focus on their next steps, whether that’s continuing their education, their next career, pursuing entrepreneurship, or retirement.

SAVI Tech SAVI Tech supports Veterans interested in pursuing a career in technology. We provide educational workshops that introduce Veterans to the tech space, and partner with companies offering certifications in tech with the goal of empowering more Veterans to find employment in the tech field.

SAVI Benefits SAVI works with Veteran services and VA claims representatives to ensure that more Veterans have access to the benefits they’re entitled to. Our B2B programming provides certifications for Veteran service providers who want to more effectively work with transitioning Veterans. These Certifications include Benefits 101, post-transition education, community leader certifications, and more.