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Have you considered partnering with a non-profit? Non-profit collaboration provides a fantastic opportunity to grow your causes, expand your reach, and develop meaningful, long-lasting relationships. Especially in the Veteran space, relationships are essential to providing the resources and information your audience truly needs.

If you haven’t considered a non-profit collaboration, or are wondering what the benefits truly are, here are several benefits to non-profit collaboration that SAVI has identified in building relationships with our partners.

  • Enhance your capabilities. By partnership with other non-profits, you are able to share infrastructure, administrative resources, and personnel resources. We have all heard the expression “two heads is better than one,” and with non-profit collaboration the additional brainpower behind your initiative is sure to kick things into overdrive. 
  • Increase efficiency. With more hands on deck creating more relevant ideas, you also have the power of additional implementers. Projects that may have seemed daunting with your internal team are suddenly manageable with the help of your collaborator’s skilled team. 
  • Diversify ideas. A fresh set of eyes onto your latest project creates a powerful environment for brainstorming and growth. You may discover in conversation that you find new solutions to issues you have been having, or the perfect idea for your next event or fundraising drive. 
  • Enliven leadership. Non-profit collaboration can ignite excitement within the leadership of an organization, resulting in increased passion and a drive to get projects ready for launch. 
  • Grow advocacy. With the announcement of your new collaboration, you have the ability to grow your audience. Working together, promoting your collaboration, and making a difference in your community will help grow your brand recognition. Once you are more broadly recognized, you are able to leverage that for campaigns throughout the year. 
  • Expand services. Oftentimes, collaborations allow you to provide services to your target population that you otherwise wouldn’t have the capacity to provide. This is key to growing your non-profit, especially when you first launch.

Interested in collaborating with SAVI, reach out!