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Using Your Business Acumen To Support VeteransAs a business professional, you have a certain set of skills that can benefit many. Using your business acumen to support Veterans is one way to use those skills for good. If you’re a business owner, here’s how you can show support to Veterans who are transitioning to the civilian workforce.

Host Entrepreneurial Training For Vets

Entrepreneurship is enticing to military Veterans. In fact, Veterans are 45 percent more likely to start their own business than their civilian peers. This means that as a successful business owner yourself, you have the opportunity to share that good sense with aspiring Vetpreneurs who are ready and willing to take advice from the big leagues. Show your support to Vets by hosting an entrepreneurial training designed specifically for Veterans. There are several ways to showcase your business acumen in this realm: Consider holding a workshop at a Veteran Job Fair or create your own business start-up training program onsite.

Hire Veterans in HR

Understanding all the intricacies of military careers can be tough. Though Veterans are encouraged to translate their resumes into civilian speak when applying for real-world jobs, it’s hardly fair to put all the responsibility on the transitioning Vet. If you’re a company committed to hiring Veterans, consider hiring Vets in your Human Resources department. Many Veterans get passed up for positions because HR is unfamiliar with military jobs and how they can translate to functional, desirable skills in the world of business. By hiring Vets in your HR department, you can help to bridge this disconnect and improve your overall Vet hiring process.

Drive a Veteran Awareness Campaign

Plenty of big organizations have used their brand to spread support for Veterans. The NFL, for instance, created a 2018 Salute to Service program for Veterans Day that donated $5 for every use of #SaluteToService via Twitter. The campaign lasted about a week, and proceeds went to military organizations that provide veterans with professional development opportunities and academic scholarships. This is just one example of how an easy-to-create campaign can make a huge impact. Consider creating your own Veteran Awareness Campaign to show your support to Vets while also associating your brand with a good cause.

Making Veterans feel supported during their military-to-civilian transition is the best way to set them up for a successful life post military. Learn how SAVI can help your business support Veterans by contacting us today.