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When you think about Military benefits, who do you think is covered? Most people think about the benefits available for active duty Service Members and Veterans, but Military benefits are so much more than that. Did you know there are also benefits available for military spouses? These benefits can be valuable in helping Military spouses navigate Military life, especially when their significant other is away on deployment. So, what benefits are available for military spouses?   There are tons of benefits available, far too many to list here, but here is a list of our Top Seven benefits available for Military Spouses. Some of these are available automatically, and some you will require you to apply. Regardless, they are all benefits that are worth checking out.  #1 Transferred GI Bill Benefits Service members and Veterans can transfer their education benefits to their spouses or their children. There are some limitations around this, but this is an excellent benefit that Military spouses can take advantage of if their husband or wife isn't planning on using all of their education benefits on themselves. Military spouses can even use these benefits up to 15 years after their spouse leaves the service. #2 Free On-Base Classes Several free classes and resources are offered for Military spouses on-base. These can include everything from classes on processing the challenges of military life to resources for families and even resources for finding a job. Check on your base to see what classes and resources are available for you to utilize.  #3 Family Service Members' Group Life Insurance (FSGLI) Service members can enroll their family members in this program for life insurance coverage that spans from $10,000 up to $100,000. There are a few restrictions to this program, such as dependent coverage can't exceed the scope held by the Service member. FSGLI is a great resource to ensure that everyone is adequately covered and can be cared for in a time of need. #4 Free Healthcare All active duty Military personnel and their dependents receive free medical care. It can include everything from doctor's appointments to medical treatments and even medicine that can be purchased on base.  #5 Employment Opportunities There are several programs and events available to help military spouses find employment. One of these resources is the Military Spouse Employment Partnership hosted by the Department of Defense (DoD). This program helps to pair Military spouses with partner employers that have committed to hiring military spouses. It is an excellent way for military spouses to find valuable employment with an employer who understands a military spouse's needs. #6 Childcare Most military bases have daycare centers available for service members to use. This childcare service isn't free; however, it is typically much more affordable than other civilian childcare options. If you don't live near a base or there isn't availability at the on-base daycare, you can also apply to receive a subsidized allowance to pay for civilian daycare centers as long as they are approved. #7 Recreation Benefits Military Welfare and Recreation (MWR) manages most recreation facilities on every base, and these activities are part of your benefits as a MilSpouse. Some of the things that can be included are gyms, pools, bowling, golf, and even classes like a dance. Each base has different services, so you will want to contact your local MWR office to see what is available in your area.  These are just a few of the fantastic benefits that are available for Military spouses. There are so many more, up to and including perks offered through The National Park Service and several different hotels and travel destinations.  Being a Military spouse can be challenging, so these benefits are available to help make your life a little easier. Utilize as many of these benefits and resources as you need to ensure that your experience as a Military spouse is just as successful as your partner's Military career

If you are a Servicemember or Veteran with certain permanent or total service-connected disabilities you could be eligible to receive a Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) Grant from the VA. A SAH grant helps with the purchase or construction of an adapted home or with modifications to an existing home to help accommodate a disability.


The SAH grant is available to Veterans or Servicemembers who have a service-connected disability due to military service, entitling them to compensation for permanent and total disability due to:

  • The loss, or loss of use, of both lower extremities such as to preclude locomotion without the aid of braces, crutches, canes, or a wheelchair; OR
  • Blindness in both eyes having only light perception, plus loss or loss of use of one lower extremity; OR
  • The loss, or loss of use, of one lower extremity together with:
    (1) Residuals of organic disease or injury, or
    (2) The loss or loss of use of one upper extremity.
    Item (1) and Item (2) above must so affect the functions of balance or propulsion as to preclude locomotion without the aid of braces, crutches, canes, or a wheelchair; OR
  • The loss, or loss of use, of both upper extremities, so as to preclude use of the arms at or above the elbows; OR
  • Severe burn injuries; OR
  • The loss or loss of use of one or more lower limbs due to service on or after September 11, 2001. This must affect your balance or movement, and hinder walking without the aid of braces, crutches, canes, or a wheelchair. This disability type is limited to 30 participants per Fiscal Year.


The SAH grant typically covers the following modifications:

  • Bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms
  • Covered porches, ramps, and walkways
  • Garages, carports, and passageways
  • Doors, windows, and flooring
  • Security items
  • Concrete or asphalt walkways
  • Sliding doors, handrails, and grab bars
  • Additional elements as per the VA

Grants of up to $100,896 are awarded to eligible disabled veterans to help build or modify homes to best suit their needs.


You do not have to own the house you occupy and may be eligible for a Temporary Residence Adaptation (TRA) grant based on the following requirements:

  • Qualify for a SAH or SHA grant 
  • You live temporarily in a family member’s home that needs changes to meet your needs.


You can learn more about SAH grants and start the application process with a VA Form 26-4555.

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