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In a 2011 research study conducted by Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, Veterans described the three most prevalent challenges when transitioning to civilian life: 1. A seeming lack of respect from civilians; 2. The standard they set for themselves seemed higher than that of civilians; and 3. The Veteran-mindset didn’t fit in with the civilian world.

When Veterans feel alienated in their return home, the cultural gap makes it hard for Vets to land meaningful jobs post service. And when Veterans don’t reintegrate well into the civilian world, business suffers for it. How? Several reasons, but here are the three main arguments for why Veteran reintegration should matter to your company.

A Unique Veteran Skill Set

As we’ve talked about before, Veterans have a unique set of “soft” skills that only service in the military can provide. And as an employer, you know that skills in communication, collaboration, adaptability, problem solving, and conflict resolution are highly coveted in the world of business. Since Vets are coming out of service with all these and more, you want them to work for you.

Ensured Company Loyalty

Sure, many Veterans leave their first job out of the military within just a couple of years. These numbers we’re trying to remedy. By nature, however, Veterans are loyal. In fact, the Vets who do stay longer at their jobs tend to have longer tenure compared to other employees. As long as your company is actively creating a healthy environment for integrating Veterans, you’re likely to retain them long term.

Leadership Unmatched

It isn’t news to you that the U.S. military produces some of the very best leaders in the world. In the military, Vets are trained as both soft skill experts and world-class leaders. For the latter skill, Walmart began seeking out junior and senior level military Vets to fill manager roles back in 2013. Since then, they’ve hired more than 250,000. Why are corporations like this so attracted to the Vet leadership style? Because Veterans are trained in reacting under stress, leading large groups at a young age, and come with higher than average integrity. As a business, why wouldn’t you want to capitalize on this unmatched potential?

Veteran reintegration is our main focus here at SAVI. We want all transitioning Veterans to have meaningful jobs post service. To do that, it’s going to be a team effort. If you’re a company looking to hire Veterans, reach out today and learn how we can connect you with these uniquely skilled and loyal leaders.