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Why You Need a FREE LinkedIn Profile Review

While you’re in the military, your LinkedIn profile isn’t at the forefront of you mind. However, as you begin looking at the transition to civilian life, LinkedIn is an essential platform to understand and utilize- whether a future student, employee, or entrepreneur. SAVI knows how powerful LinkedIn is, and that’s why we are offering FREE LinkedIn Profile Reviews for Veterans!

Are you still skeptical? Here are the top three reasons LinkedIn is more essential than ever in the civilian professional realm:

1. To increase your visibility and establish a digital presence.

If you have applied to a job, or met someone at a networking event, chances are they want to learn more about you. In this digital age, that means a quick Google search, where LinkedIn profiles are frequently included in the results. Since you have control over your profile, its content, and what you share, it allows you to control the impression people will have of you.

If you have an incomplete profile, or one that is minimally complete, it can cause people to take a step back. You have to be willing to place information into the public domain regarding your professional background, skills and future goals in order to engage with potential mentors, employers, etc.

2. To develop your professional network

Within the military, your professional network is limited to those your serve alongside at your various duty stations, and those you attend military education schools with. However, within the civilian sector you can utilize LinkedIn to engage in conversation with those who currently work in the space you want to be in. Connecting and maintaining relationships with those you have met in the military, as well as those you have met at various networking events, opens you up to hundreds of possibilities. Did you know that most jobs are filled via networking and not blind applications to job postings?

3. To learn about potential intern and employment opportunities.

Based on the completeness of your profile, LinkedIn can highlight jobs that you might be of interest in, based on your skills, qualifications location, etc. Further, if you a member of certain LinkedIn Groups, where the members share common interests, jobs and various opportunities are also advertised there. Recruiters also utilize LinkedIn to search for candidates with specific skills sets!

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